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July 3rd, 2010 (11:23 pm)

Or: why I'm not allowed to play video games.

A Completely Embarrassing Comic About What I Do When I Am By MyselfCollapse )

Derp. Sorry guys I'll post a real sketchjournal post at some point I promise. SUPER PROMISE.

Kory Bingaman [userpic]

June 1st update!

I am going on a vacation to Portland in two days so I thought instead of looking for jobs or apartments I would instead make a sketch journal update! I got lots of goodies here today for y'all, let's start.

Poster designs, Master list drawings, Sketch Commissions, etcCollapse )

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(no subject)

April 14th, 2010 (09:50 pm)

Hey guys! I haven't made a post here in A DOG'S AGE. If you follow my twitter you've already seen most of these but IF YOU HAVEN'T, YOU'RE IN LUCK. LOTS OF STUFF. Unfortunately: none of it is Skin Deep related. WHUPS.

Let's get it started, shall we?

Fanart and Trudeau: My Weird Pets characterCollapse )

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Ridiculous Creatures Bonus Comic!

January 14th, 2010 (07:14 pm)

Hey guys I thought I'd direct your attention over to something I'm doing on Skin Deep right now!

Click Here for Details!

Bonus comics are short little fun things that aren't required reading for Skin Deep, but are still little fun asides with the characters.

The catch, however, is that this is a RANSOM COMIC, meaning that I am holding it ransom until I get a certain amount in donations. This particular comic, Ridiculous Creatures, has a ransom of $100 dollars. You can read more about Bonus Comics and help free this comic over here, on my main website.

The best thing about the Ransom model for bonus comics is that as soon as the ransom is paid, the comic is free and open for everybody from that day on, like the rest of the comics. I will ONLY do this for Bonus Comics, don't worry. I'll never hold main Skin Deep comic for hostage, as it will always be free as long as Skin Deep is published on the web. There's no minimum donation, anything goes towards the release of the comic. It's great if you want to help support the comic but don't particularly want any of the space-clogging merchandise. : )

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Point-and-Click Character Guide

January 1st, 2010 (08:03 pm)

Oh man happy 2010 ya'll! Last night I ended up finally finishing the character list for the Point-and-Click Collab! So let's make a big-ass Character Guide for my Still Not Named World for the game!

I kinda love all these guys a lot okayCollapse )

And that's the Character Guide!

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Art Comparison

December 12th, 2009 (12:18 pm)

Hey everybody! I'm making more of an effort to make public Sketchjournal entries! Everybody wins!

I was digging through my Old Art folder today and decided to make another Old Art post (I recently took a couple of Old Art posts out from under the Friends Lock as well. Some of the drawings are doubled, but I don't mind if you don't mind). I know I did a "comparison between now and then" posts before, but I'll be damned if I can find it (I need to learn how to tag my entries better), so I decided to make another one! Because why use my Saturday to do actual work, amirite, kids?

How Much have I Improved in 10 Years?Collapse )

Wasn't that fun? I'm going to try to make more public entries in the future.

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(no subject)

August 25th, 2009 (10:21 pm)


Possible Costumes, Gryphons, Miscellaneous CrapCollapse )


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(no subject)

August 7th, 2009 (07:43 pm)

Okay so I got a tiny update today. I probably should have saved this for when I had more drawings, but whatever I am posting them now SO HOW ABOUT THAT.

Inside: follow along as Kory teaches herself how to draw horse foals! TURNS OUT THEY'RE HARD TO DRAW.



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(no subject)

July 26th, 2009 (01:02 am)


So sfemonster made a map post fishbulb33 made a map post so I was all "OH CRAP I SHOULD MAKE A MAP POST".

so I'm making a map postCollapse )

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(no subject)

July 24th, 2009 (08:03 pm)

Hey it's time for some more Point and Click Collab! Sadly I do not have very much today, but enough to make me want to make a post! HOW ABOUT THAT.

Two drawings. I KNOW.Collapse )

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(no subject)

July 14th, 2009 (11:16 pm)

Looks like fishbulb33 and I had the same idea tonight, because hey let's have a Game Collab Entry SHALL WE?


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Doodle-A-Day, June 27-30th!

June 30th, 2009 (07:56 pm)

So the weekend was nuts and I wasn't able to update, but since today's the last day you get ALL SORTS OF UPDATES. ALL SORTS

Since the comic is currently all about the Finn and Lyon brothers, I doodled them up. Jim and Lorne, ages ~9-10, and Paul and Jon, ages ~17-18, so this is sometime in the early '90s. About halfway through doodling this I panicked because I didn't know if Britain actually had a grunge scene like America did, and I'm drawing Paul and Jon in full-on flannel glory. I was assured that I was okay, though, and that grunge got it's fingers into Britain too. The point of the story is: I will never get tired of drawing Jim and Lorne as kids. NEVER. PS Lorne goes APESHIT when he finally gets his medallion. It's like a million Christmases and birthdays together in one.

Whole page of dumb little doodles. I'm trying to work on more of my point and click world and I keep freakin' adding on to it. I tried to doodle up a map but it didn't work out so hot, so I need to regroup and rethink that one out. At the top is a little doodle of the mouth of a cave that's guarded by a sleeping Momo. If Ssam goes into the cave without placating the Momo with a jar of peanut butter, the Momo will eat him. I don't know where he gets the peanut butter yet. Maybe Jimmy and Lorne give him some from their packed lunches (or maybe instead of a jar of peanut butter it's a PBnJ sandwich that he gets from Jimmy and Lorne).

Inside the cave is a big giant 2nd Empire (or Queen Anne Style, haven't decided) mansion. One of the rooms in the Mansion is reminiscent of the Springfield Avalon from Skin Deep, and a door in the floor connects to one of the many doors laying outside in a heap at the Collector's Cabin. It is the only room Ssam can access for a time, through the Collector's Door, as all other doors are locked until Ssam can find a key. If Ssam enters the mansion through the cave entrance, he'll still not be able to get into the Avalon until he finds the key to the door. Once he does it makes traversing the world much easier, as the Cave Mansion and the Collector's Cabin are on opposite ends of the map, and being able to get to each without traipsing through the forrest.

The bottom parts are another way that Ssam can get killed in the game. The tub in the Collector's Cabin connects to the Main Labyrinth, but is only accessible through water, so you have to have Nixie Essence to get through. You get that in Sfé's world, and if you've done a good job in the game you'll already have all the Plesiosaur bones from other worlds by the time you jump into the deep ocean and start my world. However if you don't, you have to backtrack to the other worlds and pick up the other bones, and now that you have the Nixie Essence you're able to get into the trap door that leads to the Collector's Cabin. However, if you go through the back way before you've gotten permission from the Collector to enter the cabin, he finds you snooping around his cabin and he is not pleased. He'll be pissed, turn into a giant bugbear that fills the entire room and destroy everything in sight.

Also there is a sphinx.

I'm trying to work some sorta sphinx into the world because C'MON WHY WOULDN'T I. I think she owns the Cave Mansion and she might end up being the main villain of the level, if the level ends up having a main villain. I haven't decided what the hell to do with her hair. I tried to do a greeky lookin' upstyle, but it ended up looking a lot like Sfé's Mistress Moonphoenix's beehive, so I don't know. She's got a hella lot of decorations on her neck and ears, and instead of lion paws she has Mannerism-esque fingers that she curls up when she walks. She did have bare boobies but then I didn't know if we wanted things like swearing and boobies in the collab so I put hair over them (although we have Ssam dying in horrible ways SO MAYBE MY CONCERN IS UNFOUNDED).

She's got a sort of Morticia Addams personality, being very proper and elegant while also seeming very dangerous (she's also pretty imposing, as she's quite a bit bigger than my normal Skin Deep sphinxes and towers over Ssam a lot). When Ssam enters her home she treats him with every kindness imaginable, but there's an eerie feeling about all of it, like she expects something from Ssam in return and that he's building up a huge debt that he'll be unable to repay without sacrificing something big. The Sphinx (I haven't decided if I want to name her or just call her The Sphinx) give Ssam the means to get the Plesiosaur's Skull off the Plesiosaur (which in turn fucks up the forrest royally) so he can gain entry to the Collector's Cabin (where the key to the Mansion Avalon door is located, as well as either the piece of the portal Ssam needs or the means to get it).

And then there is a Cool Cat, a callback from some characters I had so long ago I won't even link the old drawing because it is horrible (you can find it if you really dig for it). I don't know if I want to shove these guys in or not, because I can't really think of a place for them (maybe there is a recording room somewhere in the mansion where these guys hang out and a sidequest could be to help them record a song in order to impress their girlfriends, I don't know). I feel like I should put some sort of music/band/beatles something reference into my world because let's face it, I basically built a lot of my worlds on crap like that.

And that's the end of the month! I did it!

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Doodle-A-Day, June 25-26!

June 26th, 2009 (08:01 pm)

I didn't post anything yesterday because I was hanging out with my dear Ben and didn't get online much I KNOW. I KNOW. SHOCKING. Anyway I've got stuff for today!

Point and Click Collab! Ben and I watched a David Attenborough documentary on the deep ocean yesterday SO GUESS WHAT I STARTED DRAWING. The Deep Ocean part of the kory level is the first part, and Ssam's task is to find the bones of the Plesiosaur and put them back together. He has a couple that he has collected from other lands (IF ANYONE WANTS TO PUT SOME BONES IN THEIR WORLD I'D BE MORE THAN HAPPY. :D) but this mostly means that he has to dig around the ocean floor finding the stupid things. Most are underneath giant isopods and spider crabs that are munching on them, a few are found by rummaging around an underwater lake of brine surrounded by a shore of mussels, and others are being coveted by things like gulper eels, dumbo octopus, and tube worms and ANYTHING ELSE I LOVE ABOUT THE OCEAN OKAY? I drew all these guys with little hearts or saying stupid stuff for funsies because i thought it was hilarious. HILARIOUS.

Ssam is pretty much alone for a lot of my level (I like the weird Myst-y sense it gives of trying to figure stuff out on your own with nobody to talk to), and while Lorna and whoever else I want to accompany him during the ocean level is around, she doesn't go beyond the Twilight Zone of the water, and since most of the bones are on the ocean floor in the dark, Ssam has to poke around by himself in the mostly barren and lonely sea floor with nothing but his flashlight (that somehow works underwater) and his own bio-luminescence on his tentacles (not drawn properly here BUT HE HAS IT. They're on the underside of his tentacles) to see and poke around. I imagine that this is how he meets his Bigfin Squid buddy, by just shining the flashlight around and then BAM OH MY GOD JESUS CHRIST GET IN THE CAR.

I love the deep ocean oh my god.

Also I got this:

I doodled this up a few days ago after getting back into the Beatles courtesy of that stupid Rock Band Commercial (that I subsequently made into my new new wallpapers for Sulu and Chekov and then I watched Yellow Sub a few times for good measure. I wanted to do something dynamic with cool perspective-y poses, and then I LOST ALL PATIENCE WITH IT and haven't touched it since. So it's up to you, dear watchers, to get me back in the mood to finish this picture YOU ALL ARE MY ONLY HOPE.

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Doodle-A-Day, June 24th

June 24th, 2009 (11:10 pm)

This is a super doodle, ya'll. IT IS THE MEANING OF DOODLE.

Bhadraksh (a giant scarab/noseless one) is reading a book or something I don't know. He's being pestered by an ouzelum bird named David (thunk up by fishbulb33) who is probably trying to bum food off of him or something moochy like that.


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Doodle-A-Day, June 23

June 23rd, 2009 (07:21 pm)

Hey ya'll I didn't put a doodle up yesterday because I was slaving over my dumb comic all day long. So today I doodled a bunch to make up for it!

(just tell me if I need to make my doodles smaller for ya'll. I can never tell anymore what is an appropriate size for this crap)

More collab stuff! Hooray! I drew all of these things during work with 0 reference, so I'm sure I got Ssam looking totally wrong, but whatever he is wet so I guess that disguises things a bit. The top picture is when Ssam first makes it to the river valley, courtesy of the plesiosaur skeleton. He wanders around for a bit before meeting up with Jimmy and Lorne, who drag him all over the valley with their annoying ADHD antics. There are a few places Jimmy and Lorne won't go near, though, like the giant cave guarded by a Momo and a cabin in the middle of a clearing.

The cabin is owned by a guy who is just known as The Collector (who is basically just all my bugbear characters put together, durf hurf durf). The Collector has a raven named Jekyll and an irish wolfhound named Hyde, and he also tends to the goat herd that runs willy nilly throughout the forest. The Collector won't let you in his house until you bring him something that he might find interesting. After presenting him with several things you've found around the world to varying degrees of apathy, he makes it clear that the one thing he needs right now is some sort of skull. Eventually you realize he wants the plesiosaur's skull, but taking the skull from the plesiosaur causes a chain reaction that floods the river valley and causes all the plants to die. Luckily the Collector's Cabin is high enough in the valley to not get flooded, and he let's you into his cabin once you present him with the skull.

A photo collage of the inside of The Collector's CabinCollapse )

The inside of the cabin is bigger than the outside. I based the Collector's Cabin on a place from my hometown. It's owned by a friend of our family, and while everything is technically on sale, the objects are not exactly priced to sell. The actual place is spread out over several buildings and cabins and houses, and I'm pretty sure if you look hard enough you will find absolutely anything you're looking for, although it might be a little musty when you find it.

There is one room in the Collector's Cabin that contains an old claw-footed tub full of grungy water. The tub has no bottom, though, and if you enter it you enter a dark abyss that goes on for god knows how long (it is possible that it leads back to the Pirate's ocean). At the very bottom of the tub on the floor is an old trap-door, and if you open it you find yourself somehow flipped around and on the floor of the labyrinth that connects all of the worlds together. This is the only door to the world from the labyrinth, and you cannot enter the Koryworld (or whatever I'm calling it) until you obtain the nixie essence from the Sfelevel (or any other level, it's not found in my world, is the point) that will allow you to turn into a water critter (both entrances to the Koryworld are through water, actually).


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Doodle-A-Day, June 21

June 21st, 2009 (10:56 pm)

Point-and-Click Collab!

Companions! I'm still working it out, but right now there are different "companions" during the different stages of the world (Lorna and maybe someone else during the parts that are underwater, for example), and these two follow Ssam around the summer-y river valley, being obnoxious and loud and adorable. They switch forms between human and gryphon/lion at random, but they're never both human or both critter at the same time. They each have different abilities in their different forms which Ssam has to utilize at different parts of the world. Jimmy can fly/glide and has a certain amount of control over various plants, while Lorne has super strength to move obstacles out of the way (and invulnerability if you want to drop him off a cliff). The trick is to get them to listen to you, because they just kinda tag along and wander aimlessly behind you the whole time and have the attention span of a gnat. They can only talk when human, so if you want Lorne to move a giant boulder you have to tell Jimmy, and Jimmy has to tell Lorne.

All in all, they're not very helpful. They are obnoxious and distracting, though! They run away when the forest gets spooky, though. They won't go anywhere near the creepy cabin and they get the hell out of Dodge as soon as the river starts rising. They are only present when the forest is nice and summery and pretty and benign.

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Doodle-A-Day, June 19-20

June 21st, 2009 (02:02 am)

Hey guys, I didn't put up a doodle yesterday and I had a very good reason and that reason was "I didn't doodle, oops". I came home for the weekend and I was CHILLIN'. Whatever this one'll count for two days BECAUSE I SAY SO. I put up two a few days ago, that one could count for one of these too WHO KNOWS.

Adventure collab! Okay so sfemonster has started this collab thing based on old 90s point-and-click adventure games and son those were my LIFE when I was a kid (Sam and Max, Indiana Jones and the Fat of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle, Simon the Sorcerer, Torin's Passage, ALL THAT JAZZ) so of course I am all over this like stink on shit. The idea is that a bunch of people make up "worlds" based on their favorite things/world building cliches/drawing stereotypes and all those worlds connect to a central maze that the player runs around in, looking for clues to puzzles and unlocking doors and generally just doing a lot of weird puzzle shit.

My world kinda connects to Sfe's world because LOLOL we both love the ocean and his level ends on the ocean on a pirate ship, so you jump into the ocean and then my world starts. Somehow the main character (Ssam) gets hold of nixie essence-esque stuff that turns him into a water critter when he jumps into the water. All his stuff gets wet. His guide through the ocean is a version of Lorna from Bridgeport, because ya'll shut up I love her and I'm stickin' her in this. She doesn't care about Ssam's problems. There is a bigfin squid in the background. The goal of the ocean level is to find a bunch of plesiosaur bones. Once assembled, the plesiosaur comes to life and takes Ssam through the ocean and into a river. Ssam gets out of the river and is in a river valley that's all decked out in summer bloom.

I haven't quite figured anything out after that, but the summer forest switches between summer and fall, and when it's fall it's kinda creepy and freaky. There's an old run-down cabin that is full of a bunch of weird-ass crap, and one room has a bathtub in it full of water, and if you get into the tub the water goes down down down down down into an abyss and then I'm not sure where the place goes after that. There will be bugbears somewhere. Perhaps momos as well. I think a korysaurus is present, and perhaps a tiny lion and gryphon who are BFFs. Not sure yet.

I also dug through a bunch of photos I have taken over the years and compiled a photo collage of the sort of feel I want for the world. BECAUSE THIS IS FUN.

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Doodle-A-Day, June 18th

June 18th, 2009 (10:57 pm)

Digital doodle this time because I was working on my comic and didn't feel like dragging out the sketchbook. SO TAKE THAT. Also it is really super tiny because ummmm I didn't realize it at the time. SORRY GUYS I'm still recuperating from yesterday's Really Super Bad Day, whoo.

This is Colin. He likes to raise Cain. He is 9 3/4ths years old. The Daily Doodle Theme lately is "Your oldest character" and while Colin isn't my oldest character, he's the oldest character I have that I am still drawing now and has a place in the comic. Here is the first drawing I ever did of him, somewhere around 5th or 6th grade I believe. His name was Calvin because I think I was reading entirely too much Calvin and Hobbes back then, and I guess I thought he was such the BEES KNEES that I had to make sure everyone knew that this was my very first drawing of him. That might seem pretty cool that I knew from the get go that this guy was going to stick around with me for awhile, but if you look at that sketchbook it is full of crappy "SPECIAL FIRST DRAWING" doodles, full of characters that I never drew ever again.

He was the very first Finn. You will see him in 10 pages, it is exciting!

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Doodle-A-Day, June 17th

June 17th, 2009 (05:48 pm)

Hey guys Ben's car died yesterday and my car died TODAY, and that on top of a bunch of other problems has made this day kinda suck hard. I drew rain because I am a WALKING CLICHE.

Ike is a moody sadsack that you will see more of in the second chapter of Exchanges (he gets mentioned a few times in this chapter, however, and you saw him once in the background of this page). About the only time he's not a moody sadsack (okay, LESS of a moody sadsack) is when it rains. He likes sit out in it. Ike was originally thunk up by Sheana/fishbulb33 and IN FACT, he is the subject of one of her Daily Doodles as well.

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Doodle-A-Day, June 16th

June 16th, 2009 (08:29 pm)

I may have broken my art-block and I drew TWO doodles today. I don't want to say that I have gotten over my art-block yet because as soon as I say that IT WILL COME BACK.

A more finished version of the doodle I had started yesterday but abandoned because I couldn't pose these two right. These two are Tim and Abbie, who you will all see more of in the next chapter. Abbie is a harpy and her husband Tim is one of the few honest-to-god true-blue humans in the Avalon. "But Kory, he has horns" you say. Yes he has horns, I don't want talk about stuff that you'll be reading in the comic because WHAT FUN IS THAT. Whatever they are adorable at all times, and you will frequently see her climbing all over Tim because she is super tiny and weighs practically nothing.


It's Revolution 1 ya'll! sfemonster is all talking about Revolution 1 again and I am all about that shit. So here's a quick doodle of the main characters (Wolf, Annie, and Nole) POSING AS A TEAM. 'CAUSE SHIT JUST GOT REAL YA'LL. I think I got ALL OF THEM wrong, detail-wise. IT has been a long time since I drew them last.

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Doodle-A-Day, June 15th

June 16th, 2009 (12:34 am)

Okay god so this page is pretty bare but the point of the story is that I DREW SOMETHING.

Okay this is what a lot of my sketches have been looking like lately, just unfinished and whatever but I'M KEEPIN' IT REAL AND SHOWIN' THE WORLD MY CRAPPY UNFINISHED PAGES. Just for you, guys. Just for you. This is Vera. I used to draw her OBSESSIVELY late high school/early college, but I could never figure out her place in the comic and still haven't really figured it out. She's a demon. The last time she visited the mortal plane was the late 1970s and has never really updated her look. She used to be everywhere when I was designing Skin Deep. She was a member of Jim's band, the Ellipsis for a while, even. I love her design, I just can't find a place to stick her.

Also we have an unfinished horned-dude holding a harpy (two characters who will show up in Chapter 2 of Exchanges), and a little Pickle Inspector, because I just spent the last two days blasting through a year's worth of Problem Sleuth. If you have not read Problem Sleuth then you probably should because it is AMAZING.

Here is one of my favorite pages, as an incentive:

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Doodle-A-Day, June 14th

June 14th, 2009 (11:25 pm)

Man it is only 14 days in and I'm already kinda-repeating drawings. Here's another "two guys hang on a dock by the water while one of the dudes is not wearing a shirt" drawing, because I guess I like drawing that sorta stuff WHO KNEW.

This is post-Fiddler's Cave pre-Orientations Greg and Merial, during the time when they were kinda-sorta-but-not-really dating. This is also "pre-Greg gets used to hanging out with a girl who frequently doesn't feel like wearing clothes and acting like it ain't no thang", although to be fair I guess Greg never really gets used to that (because he's such a goddamned gentleman, AMIRITE). They are on the same docks featured here, but I didn't really feel like drawing out all the details of that dang ol' dock. This is also the time period where Greg started growing an insane amount of facial hair and he had no idea how the hell to take care of it, so it's just scraggly as hell. Awww, Greg. Don't even ask me what Merial's hair is doing. Originally it was supposed to be hanging over her shoulder and then I don't even know what happened.

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Doodle-A-Day, June 12th and 13th

June 14th, 2009 (01:45 am)

Hey guys these are both pretty late BUT THEY'RE HERE AND THAT IS THE POINT AMIRITE?

I've kind of been doing these trading card-style doodles of different Skin Deep characters and I thought I would try another one. This one isn't that finished and it needs a lot of work BUT THIS IS JUST A DOODLE SO WHO CARES. It's Royce and Jack. Royce (originally created by sfemonster DON'TCHA KNOW), is a weirdo pygmy gryphon who's managed to get all tarted up with some great body art (exactly how he attained such fantastic body art is as much of a secret as what sorta freakin' gryphon he is. Royce likes to keep ridiculous secrets and make up shit about himself that never happened). Royce is very very good with a medallion and likes to keep a shifting midform so his physical appearance is usually in some state of flux, so his midform never really looks the same when you see him.

Jack is a jackalope and is a jumpy little ass. He can do a lot of things but doesn't tell anybody what those things are. He and Royce like to punch things for fun. Also there are some teeny gryphons at the bottom.

True story: I don't know how to draw a dude taking off a tshirt and trying to search for reference online is a inadvisable idea.

Also I couldn't draw anything decent tonight so instead you get this. Also this is for the people who want to know what Lorne looks like as a human. EVERYBODY WINS.

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Doodle-A-Day, June 11th

June 11th, 2009 (11:42 pm)

Guys I've been having a hard time drawing lately so I'm sorry the last couple of doodles haven't been terribly polished. Whatever man I can't crap gold everyday AMIRITE?

Gryphons gryphons gryphons! The vast majority of gryphons in Skin Deep are "regular" lion/eagle gryphons, but there are also uncommon gryphons and pygmy gryphons, which are a bunch of other weird things. Uncommon gryphons are any feline/raptor combination that ISN'T lion/eagle, like the grumpy bobcat/hawk we got up at the top right corner. Pygmy gryphons are a combination of any sort of bird/mammal combo, and they get their name because they are usually much tinier than regular gryphons. The little guy at the top left is one of the smallest gryphons, a hummingbird/fieldmouse combo.

Then we have a buggane foal, because bugganes are adorable and horrifying all at once. Prancy prancy prancy OH GOD THEIR MOUTHS ARE FULL OF DAGGERS.

And then we have Mr. Royce Carmikal at the bottom, a pygmy gryphon of some sort. He owns the tattoo parlor in the LA and is covered in tattoos. The tattoos transfer through to his fur and feathers. How he got his wings and tail done the world will never know. He was created by sfemonster because he is awesome.

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(no subject)

June 10th, 2009 (09:12 pm)

Let's do something a little different today!

A coworker found this program and gave it to me today, called Pencil, which is a super easy steamlined animation application. Way easy. I whipped this up during my lunch break today by the seat of my pants. You can export the animation as individual .pngs, which I brought into photoshop and added some more details. I probably could have done that in the actual program, but I didn't know how to do that and I knew how to do this.

That back arm is super gimpy and he's got the best Lady Posture ever to be able to walk without moving his head but whatever WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME I DON'T KNOW HOW TO ANIMATE.

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Doodle-A-Day, June 9th

June 9th, 2009 (06:51 pm)

Let's take a blast to the past! This one is complete with mega special ancient artwork.

First we have another little Blanche. I like drawing him.

Oh I've got a treat for y'all today. This little gem is Leena L'Mur, and from about 2001-2002 she was my main character (along with Booker, my kangaroo avatar, oh those were grand days). You guys remember Rama, right? Remember how he's a hilarious mix of every single fandom ever while also being all powerful and amazing at everything? Remember how he is a total parody of Mary Sues?

Well Leena is all of those things too, only this was during a time when I had absolutely no idea what a Mary Sue was. I thought Leena was awesome. I thought Leena was a good character. Leena was bad-ass. I'm really surprised that I was able to draw her almost completely correctly from memory, since it's been years. I got her arm colors switched up, whatever man I'm still impressed.

Here is a list of things that Leena was. I am not making any of these up. Some of these I have art that I dug up from pre-2002 to further illustrate my point because you really can't fully appreciate how great this character was without the time-period-specific artwork:

•a half-Mobian (Sonic the Hedgehog's homeworld) lemur, mother is full Mobian
•Guardian of a rainforest, imbued with special elemental powers allowing her to turn into stuff like leaves and water and rock and whatever.
•Has special acorns that, when thrown, immediately sprout up into trees
•Daughter of the Saiyan Bardock, half-sister to Goku.
Sailor Scout for Planet Vegeta
•can turn Super Saiyan (at this time I was not aware of other forms of Super Saiyan or else I am sure she would have been the master of all forms)
•Owns the 8th Dragon Ball, which has the ability to heal any wound.
•Owns an Oddworld slog named Fluffy and a skreep named Cuddles. (here is another old skreep drawing I found)
•A Pokemon Master, has a team comprised entirely of Eevees
•A Padawan Learner
•I am sure there is more but I can't remember anymore off the top of my head

And this is why I can't hate on horrible Mary Sue characters made by teenagers. Because I used to be one of those people. I usually cut them all way too much slack because of this girl right here.

Also here are more Skin Deep Sims:

Greg (sans chops, sad face), Merial, Michelle, Alec (no skeleton hoodie but his tshirt is full of jack-o-lanterns), Myra (sans eye-patch), Rhonda, and Lorne (with horrible ponytail, gross).

Kory Bingaman [userpic]

Doodle-A-Day, June 8th!

June 8th, 2009 (10:06 pm)


More Screeps (although I found out when I was digging through my old art that I spelled it "skreep" and the one that was the pet of my Super Duper Mary Sue character Leena (who I may have to draw just so I can describe her to you all, because she is amazing) was named "Cuddles".

And also fullform Blanche trying to look very debonaire (for a white stag, at least). Too bad his antlers are just starting to grow and instead he has little baby horn nubbins. White stags walk on their tippy toes. The More You Know. In the bottom left corner is an older white stag, perhaps Blanche's father (maybe grandfather?). White Stags are a very magical species, and their otherworldly powers get stronger as they get older. The inside of a mature white stag's ears is crimson instead of white, and they have a brilliant shining orby sun-like powersource that manifests inbetween the antlers when the antlers grow to a certain size. The sun helps the stag navigate between the otherworlds that the stag can travel through. Blanche doesn't have this power yet, and instead has little to no control over his world-crossin power and will sometimes trip and find himself in some sort of weird fairy world that he has to find his way out of. Luckily this doesn't happen very often. But it happens enough to be a pain in the ass.

YAY DOODLE A DAY. I finished my comic page early yesterday so all I'm going to go back to making and playing Sims now I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM.

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(no subject)

June 7th, 2009 (10:38 pm)

So turns out doodling on the weekends in hard. So these aren't all that great OOPS. WHATEVER YOU STILL GET STUFF.

Okay so this is a little half-assed but I'm sure you'll all forgive me. At the top we have Greg, showing off the fact that, if he really wants to, he can get around on all fours using those stupid little goaty hands of his. It's stupid clumsy though, so don't expect him to be doing it as a major mode of locomotion.

The other two critters are two monster things I haven't drawn in years. I made them up when I was super into Oddworld, s they're kinda-sorta Oddworld fan-critters of sorts. The top one is half of a Screep, which is a lot like a leg-bird with finger tentacle webs and spider eyes. It also has skeleton wings and insecty bird feet and I can't remember what it's butt looked like but I think it had fingers for a tail, not sure. The horsey goaty thing is a Gilk, which for some reason I used to draw a SHIT TON of back in late Jr. High/Early High school, but I can't really remember what they look like exactly so I kinda made it up again. They're kinda like angry deer/horse/goat monsters.

Yes, some times I have characters that aren't mythical creatures in any way. I just don't get a chance to mess with them very often cause anything that doesn't pertain to Skin Deep tends to fall by the wayside WHUPS.

Here, have some fanart. I went to scope out potential wedding sites today, plus I'm not feeling too hot, so today you get a quickie dirty fanart of Brooklyn because I didn't have a lot of time for anything else. I had such a crush on this dude when I was a kid, you don't even know. 95% of that was because he was the only Gargoyle I could draw since I hadn't gotten the hang of human faces. Also he had goat horns, which is the way to my heart. Also you'd think after living in the 20th Century for however many years the Gargoyles would eventually trade in their grody ol' loincloths for some actual clothes.

This is also why it's been hard to do doodles this weekend:

Whups I've been playing with dollies in Sims 3.

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Doodle-A-Day, June 5th!

June 5th, 2009 (11:51 pm)

I had a kinda crappy day and instead of doodling during my lunch break I took a nap instead. I didn't feel like committing to any sort of thing that made me use my brain in any way so instead we get this.

And this is...Michelle giving the Momo some peanut butter. Cause that Momo sure loves it's peanut butter. It is documented truth. Also either the Momo is super small in this picture or Michelle had a giant growth spurt. YOU DECIDE.

This is for all the people who are bitching at me because Michelle is not in the current comic arc. They are more likely than not the same people who couldn't stop emailing me about how much they hated Michelle when she WAS in the comic. HERE YOU GO, YOU UNSATISFIABLE TURDS. :D

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Doodle-A-Day, June 4th

June 4th, 2009 (06:01 pm)

Hey it's that time again! Another doodle!

Somebody might recognize these two from this drawing I did ages ago (and is actually one of the few bits of art from 2006 that I can still look at). The drawing has a mile-long description attached to it talking about the story, but I do not in anyway suggest that anybody reads that because 1) it is long as hell and nobody needs to know all that crap and 2) I wrote it 3 years ago and it really shows. What it boils down to is that in the 1930s James Finn (who you will all meet later in Exchanges but he will be considerably older) and Django Henja (who you have already briefly met but I am pretty sure his first name never came up, he is also considerably older), are BFFs that decide to take a trip to America right when the Great Depression hits and through a series of events end up working in a little nothing traveling circus in the middle of Freaking Midwest Nowhere, USA for a couple of years. If you can't tell by his surname, James is a big ol' English gryphon. Django is a Scottish Bohemian lion.

Django, who had never been around human beings all that much before the big trip, had never really gotten the hang of medallions and sucks really bad at keeping human form, usually only managing as far as you see in the drawing. Django works this to his advantage, however, and made up some crap story about being a 'Bohemian Wild Man from the Depths of the Black Forest' (Bohemia and the Black Forest aren't really anywhere near each other but nobody cares because it sounds Eastern Europeeny) and lands a gig in the sideshow. He's also the circus's strongman. James is much better at keeping a freakin' secret and manages to not let the world know that he's actually a giant fuck-off gryphon, and his job is much less glamourous as a regular-grade Roustie. I have a few other characters but I've never really fleshed them out.

One of Django's fellow sideshow performers is Fred, who runs a man/woman routine. Fred is a hermaphrodite, but since showing off his/her "deformity" isn't exactly family friendly, he/she dresses up in a half-man/half-woman costume, which was the norm for circus hermaphrodites. Very few circuses had true hermaphrodites, so Fred is the pride and joy of the circus's sideshow, and Fred has a horrendous ego because of it. Django is loud and vain and also has a giant ego, so there is a clash of personalities when he comes to town.

The main thing holding me back from developing this story is that I feel I don't have nearly enough knowledge on either the 1930s or circuses to tell a believable story. I don't want it to come off like the only research I've done was watch Carnivale (which, let's be honest here, that is a big chunk of my reference material). Anybody know of any really good research material on circuses, carnivals, or the 1930s?

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Doodle-A-Day, June 3rd

June 3rd, 2009 (05:53 pm)

Wow a lot of people friended my journal today because of this doodle-a-day thing! Give me a few days before I friend anyone back. I need to go restructure the friend levels on this thing because there are some entries I don't mind sharing but there are a few that I only want a few people to be able to see.

In other news, time for today's doodle!

Wonderland kids! These guys are part of a story I've been working off and on for ages but have never really fleshed out past what the characters look like. It's Jim and Lorne, circa age 6 or 7, off on an Adventure in Wonderland to visit Jim's cousin Rupert. Also there's a little Eleanor (who walks around like a kangaroo IS THAT NOT ADORABLE. She runs like an otter) and another friend, Gussy the momerath (who I totally drew wrong because I had no references, SORRY SFÉ (ps Rupert and Gussy and jub-jub birds and momeraths were all made up by him JUST SO WE'RE CLEAR). They are on an adventure to find a Jabberwock (which you can kinda see in the half-assed doodles of dragon-y things). Anyway the moral of the story is: Lorne is a human because he was born human and he is still several years away from being able to use medallions. He and Jim have been friends since FOREVER.

Also at the bottom there is a Raichu because NOBODY LIKES RAICHU. It is true, ya'll. If Pikachus evolved by levels instead of thunderstones you can bet that every pikachu in the world would be holding an everstone to keep that shit from happening. WHUPS THAT WAS A DORKY SENTENCE. EVEN DORKIER: I drew that raichu completely from memory and TURNS OUT I DID A GRAND JOB WITH IT. SUCK IT, EVERYBODY.

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Doodle-A-Day, June 1st and 2nd

June 3rd, 2009 (12:09 am)

Man so sfemonster came up with this thing where he's gonna post a doodle a day for the entire month of June. I have been really bad at doodling lately (which is a crime because I used to fill up sketchbooks faster than I could buy them), and now...well I haven't been doing a lot of that. So I am going to join in on his fun and do this Doodle-A-Day thing MYSELF. HOW. ABOUT THAT I'm also making these posts all public on my sketchjournal, so there will be more than just the dang-ol "FRIENDS ONLY" picture, cause nobody wants that AMIRITE?

Anyway, let's get this party started! So I actually started this thing on June 2nd (and technically it is June 3rd right now because I am up entirely too late tonight), so I'm going to get this out of the way and post two instead to catch myself up.

Technically I did not draw this for Doodle-A-Day, but it was sitting in my sketchbook unfinished and I needed something for June 1st so CLOSE ENOUGH.

Alec Hyde and Ike Sanford (who you will hear about soon and meet in the near future). Originally created by Sheana because that's the way she rolls. This was originally drawn to show the size difference between Alec-as-a-child and Alec-when-Exchanges-starts. The top drawing is of Alec and Ike when they were about about 14, give or take (Alec is technically several years older but he ages slower than Ike so they're mentally about the same age). Ike is about the size of a large dog and Alec is about the size of a garden-variety black bear. The bottom drawing shows them when Exchanges starts (early 20s), and Ike in that form gets pretty close to 7 feet tall (and tops it if he's standing up straight, which he never does), so use that as comparison. It is close to Alec's birthday, so he has sort of stopped reflecting light, as bugbears are wont to do when October rolls around and it gets closer to Halloween. Alec is technically still growing and won't stop growing for another several years. Bugbears are big, ya'll.

AND JUNE 2. I DID draw this specifically for today SO I GUESS THIS ONE IS THE OFFICIAL START, WHATEVER. This is Erin and Johnny-Alex, two guys I haven't drawn in a DOG'S AGE and who won't show up in Skin Deep for a painfully long time. SAD. FACE. The upside is that I don't mind saying a little about these guys because by the time they show up I am sure everybody will have forgotten about this post. Johnny-Alex is the same Johnny-Alex from sfemonster's Jerk Lads, because FUN FACT: the Jerk Lads live in the Skin Deep universe because Sfé is the greatest like that, WHO KNEW.

Anyway for those of you who have never heard of Erin because I have not drawn him in forever, he is an Californian nokk traveling the world, and winds up in the Liverpool Avalon around the same time as the Jerk Lads (who wind up there mostly by mistake). Johnny-A isn't some secret Unturned or anything, there's just a magic thing available in the Avalon that can temporarily turn any living creature into a sea-faring creature, and even though he says he cannot stand magic crap or monster people at all, Johnny-A ends up spending an extraordinary amount of time and money on the stuff. I could say more about these dudes, but I think I will refrain. I will say, however, that I dig them a lot and they have a relationship that is doomed for failure because honestly they could not be any more different and about the only thing they have in common is that sometimes they both like to breathe underwater occasionally.

AND THERE WE GO. Wish me luck that I can keep this party going. The rest of these posts will not be this long. I apologize if this long-ol' entry screwed up your friendspage, I just don't want to put these guys under a cut.


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(no subject)

September 10th, 2008 (11:59 pm)

Hey guys I got the inks for my alphabet finished I THOUGHT I'D SHARE. Eventually I'll color all these and throw 'em up on DA BUT UNTIL THEN you guys are super special. FEEL SPECIAL.


Yeah it's a small update but what do you want from me? I'M A BUSY GAL, GUYS. JEEEEEEZE.

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(no subject)

August 8th, 2008 (06:27 pm)


Three semi-neat things and three horrible sketches that I don't even know why I'm uploading BUT WHATEVER ENJOYCollapse )

PERHAPS I SHOULD HAVE MADE TWO POSTS. whatever you don't care. I don't care. I'm going to hang out with friends and play Silent Hill all night and then go swimming in a lake the next day I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR YOUR GRIEVANCES. PS Somebody bug me to finish the alphabet, I still have plenty of good characters for S-Z.

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(no subject)

May 17th, 2008 (11:53 pm)

I was at Ben's parents' house all day watching Enter the Dragon and the Indiana Jones marathon on Sci-Fi (god bless, cable/any sort of television, god bless). Realizing that I had forgotten all of the stuff I needed to work on another project I told myself I would do today at the loft, I decided to draw in my sketchbook instead. Guys I never thought I'd see the day where I was actually tired of sitting on my butt watching TV and screwing around on the computer all day, but I gotta tell you, I'm pretty tired of it right now after two straight days of it. Tomorrow I need to move around a little bit so I don't feel like I'm developing bed sores.

But that's not why you're here, you're here to see my nonsensical doodlings!

Let's get startedCollapse )

If you boys and girls are nice I might have a Master List update tomorrow.

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(no subject)

February 13th, 2008 (11:16 am)


I squeezed a page out. Mishmash CENTRAL here we go START.

One measly paaaaaaage. OF LOVE. PAGE OF LOVE.Collapse )

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(no subject)

February 10th, 2008 (01:05 pm)

I found this while digging through my old room.


Kory Bingaman [userpic]

Jims and Lornes

January 15th, 2008 (10:48 pm)


Jim and Lorne are BFFs. BOYFRIENDS FOREVER AMIRITE HUUUUR gay.Collapse )

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(no subject)

January 9th, 2008 (07:30 pm)
Tags: , ,

Only one drawing here this time folks, but it decides the fate of a young man named Jim and his dubious clothing choices.

Jim wears some ugly clothesCollapse )

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(no subject)

January 1st, 2008 (10:15 pm)

Let's ring in the new year with some Sketchjournal, shal we?

A little somethin for everyoneCollapse )

I HAVE MORE DRAWINGS but they involve my fellow Jerk Friends and Christmas/Early Birthday by the looks of how long they're taking presents so I can't show noboddyyyyyyyyy. GOOD NIGHT.

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Manticores and Gregs!

November 13th, 2007 (03:04 pm)

I have a surprise two days off work today SO LET'S HAVE A LITTLE UPDATE, SHALL WE? There aren't as many drawings as ya'll are normally used to but LAY OFF AT LEAST I'M UPDATING, AMIRITE?

Let's put the satyr back in drunken satyrCollapse )

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(no subject)

September 27th, 2007 (09:13 am)

To take my mind of the fact that there's a guy on a Who pictures community I watch on Livejournal posting animated gifs of the Who turning into animals from a slashfic he wrote (all of his icons are him in his fursuit auuugghhhh god damn furries) let's see how I'm progressing with this Ozark comic, shall we? I have four pages done, two inked, and another two to draw.

I'm suspicious that his fursuit is actually Keith Moon as a leopardCollapse )

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(no subject)

August 28th, 2007 (12:34 am)

So I still don't have my computer back and I'm leaving to go to SFÉ'S HOUSE OH MY GOD tomorrow after work. My computer is supposed to be finished tomorrow afternoon but at the most all I'll be able to do is update my ipod with all the awesome music my boyfriend and James have been downloading lately before the battery dies (I still don't have an AC cable, you see) and I don't want to spend two hours that I could spend driving to Kansas City on working on a sketchjournal update.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS I'M USING BEN'S COMPUTER AND MICROSOFT PHOTO EDITOR TO SCAN AND SAVE THESE. Ah, back to my roots. It smells like 1999. You and I, Photo Editor. We had some good times. If you notice a decrease in quality you have that to blame. IT WAS THIS OR NOTHING FOLKS.

Oh man let's watch as I work my way out of an art blockCollapse )


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(no subject)

August 6th, 2007 (01:24 am)

I drew some stuff.

Galdang, this is l ike 99% Sfé and SheanaCollapse )

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Let's party like it's 1999

July 28th, 2007 (12:23 pm)

Okay so pirate_yoyo just made an entry full of her embarrassing art from 1999. It was hilarious and I was all "OH MAN I WISH I WAS HOME SO I COULD FIND AND SCAN ALL OF MY CRAPPY ART."

But luckily (unluckily?) for me, when I first arrived on the internet in good old 1998/1999 I started posting art nearly immediately. So I have all this crap-tastic shit on my harddrive just to remind me of how lame I really was. I've got stuff ranging here from 1999-2001, and because that crap is nearing an entire decade old, I don't really feel embarrassed by it anymore (except for all my old Los Paranoias art. I am not showing ya'll that crap. If I succeeded in my goal I have erradicated all traces of that art from the internet.)

But first let's have some real art. The Ozark's comic I'm working on!Collapse )
And now the crap ya'll have been waiting forCollapse )

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It's Spring Break!

March 19th, 2007 (07:01 pm)

It's Spring Break, and shit kids I got so much to do. If I don't get a few pages of Skin Deep done tomorrow boy I am going to be in so much trouble next week. KORY, GET BACK ON THE BALL.

Anyway, as I've been working on finished projects I haven't been doodling much lately. Here's a smattering of what I've been up to.

Lots of poster comps, actually. Let's see if this 'new style' I've been noodling with will actually workCollapse )

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Odds n Ends

March 5th, 2007 (12:55 am)

Sure I've got a few things to update this weekend.

Work Doodles, Skin Deep pages, Jerk Lass crap, the worksCollapse )

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I scanned all my crap!

February 23rd, 2007 (06:49 pm)

So most of this is just notebook doodlings that I thought I'd scan for the hell of it. There's some awesome in here too though.

Basically this is just a big excuse to test out my new icons. They're all satyrs. I know.

As per usual, there's a variety of things in hereCollapse )

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Orientations II Typofind!

February 14th, 2007 (10:40 am)

Hey boys and girls! It's time to play "spot the typos!"

Help a brother out.

Pages 1-7 of Orientations IICollapse )

Kory Bingaman [userpic]

Friendslist Help time Go!

January 20th, 2007 (02:50 pm)

So here's the third page of Orientations part II.

The problem is I deviated from the script dream sequence-wise and you know me: If I don't have at least two people tell me it's a good idea I'll never have confidence in it. Okay let's go.

ClicksCollapse )

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